===About Me=== Hi welcome to my crappy website (the code behind the website looks even worse turst me). I am Niko aka Purplebored I love to troll and spread missinformation online (but not here no missinfomation here!!). I mostly just shitpost sometimes i try to learn programing but it never works out the most i know is just a lil bit of HTML JS and CSS and some C# and C++ (VERY basic C++ and C# lmfao).
(I am also Polish so my English skill aint too good! If you see a typo you can just let me know about it or make the change yourself on Github or Codeberg) Wanna go to my Old site? (No idea why this is a lot better!) In that case just go Here! I am planning to add some random content to this website like some small reviews or some software recomandations nothing special really just yet another personal website. ===Shit i self host===
btw this cool dark purple is a hyperlink ^^ My Private Pastebin instance (Very cool!) My Private Zerobin instance (Privte Bin but older) A LibreSpeed instance using a Polish server located in Warsaw. A Linkstack instance i host. It's very slow cause of my hosting soultion but it works. ===Content===
(That's the reviews and recomandations and shit i use) Software and things i use My Blog (!!Still learning how to blog don't hate on me!!) ===My Projects===
I am not cooking rn so nothing here! ===My OLD Projects===
So i had some VERY basic old projects before. I am not putting them under "My Projects" cause i am not mantaining them anymore and they are really bad lol. --- neko.purplebored.pl - Well this was a very simple project which took me like 30 minutes. I did it mostly to learn some more about APIs. You can check it out here. You can read about why and how i made it here. --- purplebored.pl (OG) - Well this was my very first website. I still like it tough. I think it looks really good for a first time with AI help. You can check it here. You can also read about why and how i made it here. --- old.purplebored.pl - It's just a 90s themed website i did for fun. It even had a working guest book! (Which was abused to make it redirect to pornhub). You can visit it here. And to learn more just go here. --- pass.purplebored.pl - Thank god not a password manager but a simple password generator. I did this site for fun and as a simple learning project. You can check it out here. You can also read about why and how i made it here. --- cat.purplebored.pl - Just a simple cat site which grabs random cat pics. You can check it out here. You can also read about why and how i made it here.
My Timezone: Europe/Warsaw
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